Concept creation

Design process that fulfill all requests begins with creation of the concept. Regarding the market analysis and production capability we create the idea and appropriate solutions.

Research and sketching

Next step is to review all the available solutions and creating new ideas. Very important process is to sketch many variants of the construction and styling. Based on the deep analysis, selecting suitable solutions we can obtain the best results.

Visualisations 2D

Digital renderings are created with tablet and computer. There is possible to show realistic drawings, that help us to understand the surfaces. We can add lights, shadows and colors to present accurate design of the project. At this point we can change the styling solutions and find the best one.

3D modeling

When the main shape of the product is fixed, we can create 3D model that shows the design in virtual space. It allows to see the object from the different perspectives. There is possible to make details and take all the dimensions. Based on 3D models, we can print or mill all the elements. That show real view of the part.

Visualisations based on 3D models

Renderigns of the 3D models show how the product will look in the reality. It is a picture of shapes and surfaces. We can put the project into different environments with various colors. It is possible to check how the light works on the surfaces from diffrent angles.

Making real models

Depending on the request we can create the real models. To produce the elements of it is possible to use 3D printers or CNC milling machines. Car models are always finnished in the process of hand work, to obtain the best quality of the surfaces. The models can be made in full size or smaller 1:4 scale. In that process we should use most suitable materials to the particular project. Car models are mostly made in clay.