Car + drone
The main inspiration of the concept is a drone. Modern technologies help to obtain the best design solutions. This vehicle is a futuristic vision of the racing car, and is dedicated only to the driver. Smart windshield has one way transparency and allows the driver to see the road. There is a GPS module at the roof, to provide the best results on the track. 4 arms of the drone create X shape on the top view of the car. Wheel covers are inspired by the drone’s 3 spoke propellers. Camera located in the fin at the roof presents image to the driver.
This vehicle could have central mounted engine or hybrid drive.
Dimensions: 4000/1900/1100 mm , Weight 1000 kg, Rims: 19′
The real model is created in 1:1 scale. The base in a seel frame with the mounted wheels. The body has been sculpted in styrofoam. The coat is made in plaster, fiber glass and resin. The top layer covers a car paint. Wheel covers and rear big grid are milled on CNC machines. Smaller parts are made with help of the 3D printers.
The project has been presented at the Motorshow Poznan 2017.